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Rawr Layouts [ CSS ] Rules , Punishments & Requirements

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All members should comply to the following rules, guidelines and conditions.

•We have the rights to modify/alter or remove/delete any unnecessary posts.
•Abusive members shall be given consequences depending on their level of violation.
•Do not post other people's works unless you have a valid permission from the maker.
•Do not post the linker code.

Layout Posting Format: /!\

Live preview:
Screen shot:

• Give a proper title for each layout/topic
• It is better to provide a live preview for each layout
• Although big images will automatically resize to fit the forum topic, it is better to post your screenshot image LESS THAN or EQUAL to 490px
• Only post the DIRECT LINK of your external css file or js file or zip file (includes all the files needed for the layout). You may also use code tags for inserting the whole css codes if you wish

Sample : Layout Posting Format

Title : Pink Layout
Live Preview : http://profiles.friendster.com/blahblah
Screen Shot :
Code : http://sample.com/sample.css
Code : Update Linker + Extension File

Remember the following

• Make sure the layout code is working (and also the external file if given). Otherwise your topic will be locked or trashed.
• You may also insert your layout code inside "Code" tags instead.
• No screenshots? Your topic will be locked or trashed.
• Be sure to post your own work. Do not post/copy other layout makers' works unless you have a valid permission from the maker otherwise your topic will be locked or trashed. You may also be ban from FriendsterTalk if proven that you really ripped/copied other people's works.
• A brief and good description is better rather than nothing

Consequences and Punishments

• Layout Stealer and Layout Copycat Your account may be Cursed or Banned depending on the degree of the violation.
Moderators have the rights to apply this rule if the accused will be proven guilty as charged.

• SpammerYour account should receive a warning upon first offense.
If you severely spam in this section, no warnings shall be given but your account will immediately be Cursed.
After you have been notify but continue to ignore our notifications about your behaviour, you may be punish to be Ban in Rawr Exlusive Forum.

Any further inquiries regarding the said rules, guidelines and conditions, please do send a Report to us or post a topic in Help Section


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